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Artist bios

Your artist or band bio is potentially one of the most important promotional tools a band has to get their music out into the world. The bio is like your resume, and introduces you to potential contacts in the music industry as well as fans that want an idea of what you’re all about. Other than your music, it is the centrepiece of your identity as musicians and can be utilized effectively on your website, festival applications, social media, press kits, press releases, and more. Media and industry folks are very keen at noticing what a good bio reads like, and having a professionally written version in your tool belt can go a long way to garnering more opportunities and growing your audience.

What we can offer:

  • Brief bio: This version is only a few sentences long, and quickly summarizes you and your music for those who aren’t looking for a long read. Often used in emails, bandcamp, and social media descriptions. (40-50 words)

  • Short-form bio: This one is a short and punchy version. This version can be effective in giving readers a quick glance about your music and personality in order to draw them in and give a general understanding of what you’re all about. (150-200 words)

  • Long-form bio: This longer version is usually what you’ll see in press releases or artist “about” sections on websites. These more detailed bios are necessary for giving music journalists and potential reps a more thorough understanding of your story and music. The short and long-form bios should be considered complimentary, and both are crucial to taking your music to the next level. (450-500 words)




Getting to where you want to go isn’t always a clear path, so we’re here to help guide you based on your goals as an artist. Whether your goals are narrow or broad in focus, we’ll help clear the air and make sure you’re on the right track.

What we can offer:

  • One-on-one consultations based on an affordable hourly rate

  • Advice tailored specifically for you, based on your expected outcomes

  • Honesty, integrity, and results-driven dialogue to make sure you are going in the right direction

  • A brief report that lays out all the recommendations and steps to take to meet your goals



Artist development & branding analysis

Sometimes artists need some professional guidance to get to where they want to go. We’ll look at your branding and online presence from an industry and critical design perspective, offering input that will ultimately help you advance in your music career. There’s always a next step, and we’ll help you take it with a strategic plan.

What we can offer:

  • A thorough review of online content, including branding identity, all social media platforms, websites, streaming services, and more

  • A report on the strengths and weaknesses of your overall brand and elements that are visible to the public

  • Step-by-step breakdown and debrief report to ensure you have the right tools going forward



Digital marketing & Publicity campaigns

Digital marketing and publicity can be a murky and confusing part of getting your music out there. With years of professional digital marketing experience, we’ll put all digital assets and offerings under the microscope and offer a report. With the internet garnering more and more impressions for advertisers over physical mediums, a strong digital marketing presence can be an important way to bring in new listeners and fans—nationally and globally. Having an industry professional help create a strong and planned out campaign for is critical to its success. With our full court press publicity campaigns, we’ll make sure your music gets heard by the right people.

What we can offer:

  • Non-campaign-based strategies and publicity services to help get more people

    • Electronic press kit (EPK)

    • Artist bio

  • Campaign-based (ad hoc) strategies and publicity assets to help get the word out about current activities, such as an album release, new video, new single, tour announcement, achievements, and more.

    • One Sheet

    • Press Release

    • Mass email to campaign to local press/magazines/websites/radio/blogs/podcasts via Bad Form. Includes press release. Representation is subject to approval and availability

    • Mass email campaign to national press/magazines/websites/radio/blogs/podcasts via Bad Form. Includes press release. Representation is subject to approval and availability

    • Campus & community radio station physical mailout to 50+ radio stations across Canada via Bad Form (includes one sheet & press release). Music will be considered by Earshot Representation is subject to approval and availability

  • The “Full Court Press” Publicity campaigns, including a package deal of campaign based-services to get your music to media across Canada. Bad Form can represent you as an artist, and conducts all outreach and follow-up services. Approval of representation is contingent on if the music is a good fit, and if there is enough lead-up time for the campaign before deadline

  • Creative publicity services include video and editing, graphic design of marketing assets, social media strategy, and more

  • Social media marketing campaigns, strategy, and assets

  • Search engine optimization analysis, website indexing, and optimizing pages to rank higher on Google



Artist photography

Just like how your artist bio is like a resume, your artist photos are your calling card. Professional photography is a quick and easy way to enhance your image in the public eye, and an go a long way to getting more people on board with your music. Artists who take the quality of their photos and image seriously will also come across as artists who take their music seriously.

What we can offer:

  • Scheduled professional photoshoot with our experienced photographers

  • Affordable per-session rates

  • Post-shoot editing

  • Final package with multiple high resolution options for use



Show posters & Graphic Design

Nothing turns heads more than a well-done show poster. Professionally-done posters are an effective way to promote your show or tour and spark interest. Our artists create stunning artwork that will give your campaign the edge above the rest. While some artists charge hundreds of dollars for poster artwork, we know that isn’t doable for a lot of bands. We want to provide quality work at a reasonably low overhead cost for musicians. Fees for poster artwork are on a sliding scale.

What we can offer:

  • Professional quality show poster designs containing all pertinent show information

  • High resolution images ready for online use and physical printing

  • Affordable sliding-scale rates targeted towards independent artists

  • Graphic design services for social media assets, website content, show and tour posters, advertisements (for new album, show, etc.)

  • Band logos and brand stylization



Artist websites

Having a strong artist website is a great way to connect with your audience and industry reps. Having a full website (instead of just a bandcamp page, for example), can be the one stop shop for anyone looking for information or content from you. This can include a blog that you can update regularly, streaming samples of your music or discography, a page showcasing music videos, artist bio, social media links, and much more. Using either the Wordpress, Bandzoogle, or Squarespace back-end, we’ll get you a stunning website up and running in no time.

What we can offer:

  • Modern, sleek designs based on thousands of templates from professional designers

  • Full artist website, including pages for bio, videos, streaming music, social media links, gallery, tour dates, and more

  • One month of follow up support included, no-questions-asked help with website changes

  • Full tutorial on how to manage the site once it is complete



Video Services

A well-shot music video can go a long way to getting your music noticed. Festival organizers would rather not have to scrounge through poor quality iPhone videos on YouTube to see a sample of your music. Whether you’re on a budget and looking for a more DIY videographer to shoot, or you have some money saved up for a veteran pro who is a career filmmaker, we’ve got something for everyone. We guarantee you’ll be happy with the end product, and so will your fans.

What we can offer:

  • High quality audio and video recordings, including 4K technology

  • Promo video packages formatted for Instagram stories, posts, and Facebook video promotional campaigns

  • Videographers will help you along the way and work with the ideas you have

  • Music video, session shoots, and live concert shoots available

  • VFX, motion graphics & creative editing to augment existing music videos

  • Filming, creative direction, and post-production of any touring acts

  • Video backdrops for live performances

  • Video packages include production and post-production editing