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Based in Ottawa, we target independent artists and provide honest and affordable services.

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Our goal is to help independent artists reach their goals, whatever those goals may be. With a passion for music and a whole lot of tools and experience, we’re ready to go to work for you.



Whether it’s creating a marketing campaign for a new album, writing a press release for an upcoming tour, designing a sleek poster for a show, or getting a modern-looking website up online, we can help. Be sure to check out our full range of affordable artist services.


our mission

We love music. no matter how many streams or follows you have, We offer a range of affordable services for independent artists that highlight your strengths and help deliver your message to the world.




Bad Form Artist Services was a big help.
As an artist, it can be really difficult to write your own bio. They made it easy and affordable!

—Jeramie Greaves, Musician


“Matias is an intensely KNOWLEDGEABLE and driven member of ottawa’s cultural community. He wants nothing more than to see his peers be seen and succeed, and his passion is evident throughout his work. As someone involved in THINGS LIKE SHOW BOOKING, writing about local artists, and fielding applications for festivals, his advice is at once learned, valuable, and all-encompassing. I've never met anyone as involved in and as supportive of the arts in Ottawa as he is.